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    Specializing in low-carbon, green growth and recycling industrial non-woven fabrics

    For automotive interior and exterior parts / Non-woven fabric for
    water and sewage rehabilitation / Exhibition flooring

    Felt Korea is an eco-friendly brand specializing in industrial non-woven fabrics.

    With our exceptional technical expertise and high-quality standards, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction across various sectors-from automotive interior fabrics requiring high quality and functionality to water and sewerage maintenance fabrics requiring advanced technology, and even to exhibition flooring materials.

    save the earth

    Save the earth


    • Eco-Friendly Product Research and Development for the Future

      Not only internationally but also domestically, there is a trend toward replacing a large portion of the materials used in automotive interiors with recyclable materials. At Felt Korea, we are focused on researching eco-friendly recyclable materials in line with this global trend.

    • Secured Comprehensive Production Lines

      With a full line system that includes needle punching lines, high-velocity lines, latex coating, and film extrusion coating, we are well-equipped to keep pace with global automotive developments. Our diverse production lines prevent component shortages and ensure the production of high-quality products.

    • Holding Over 20 Technology Patents

      We hold over 20 patents on technologies, including the molding process for automotive interior carpets. Leveraging our proprietary technologies, Felt Korea is capable of producing non-woven fabrics in a wide array of colors (over 200) and patterns.


    • Supplying to Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen
    • Engaged in Exports to the USA, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Thailand
    • Currently in a 10-year MOU agreement for technical development and supply with Toyota for primary vendors, wheel guards, and trunk technologies
    • Completed development and preparing for mass production for American electric vehicle brands Canoo, Rivian, and Lucid
    • Ongoing development and mass supply to Chevrolet electric vehicles in Michigan, USA


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